Sunday, September 26, 2010

Among Rocks and Thorns

This February I had been on a trip to the state of Rajasthan with family and what a trip it was.Enjoyed every bit of it.Lovely state with lot of culture and history behind it.Though due to shortage of time couldn't really travel whole Rajasthan but still managed to visit some important places.
This painting was done from a photo I clicked on our way to Pushkar,one among the five important pilgimage for Hindus.The town is set in a valley and surrounded by hills. Rajasthan covers the most of the Thar desert so,unlike other hilly areas,these hills were rocky and dry with thorny trees and bushes.
Few days back when i was just refreshing my memory and going through the photos, i came across this one. Don't  know why I clicked this abandoned building at that time but recently I felt I would love to paint it and so I did.


  1. You are very talented!! I'm glad I stumbled on your blog via Indiblogger. Excellent work. Best wishes to become a famous artist some day (apologies for my ignorance, if you already are!!)

  2. Thanks for such encouragement and wishes and im no famous artist just a beginner so you need not apologize.:)


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