Friday, September 24, 2010

Royal Gala Apple

Thoroughly enjoyed painting this.Took a bit longer than usual but then this was a bigger piece.Initially thought of painting it on small size but then I simply loved the reference photo provided by Lela Stankovic  for  challenge 9 on Paint and Draw Together
Well, not sure how the Apple turned out because my husband wasn't happy with the way  it looks :( but was happy the way the leaves turned out. As I stated earlier, I never do a good job with leaves but with this one, I feel I have slightly improved.My favorite part if you ask me is the fallen leaf.


  1. Fabulous work! I love your leaves, but also the wood grain & light reflections in the wood. I think the green/yellow leaf is my fav.

  2. Thanks Nancie, I am glad you liked it.Its always encouraging.


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