Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shameless Beauties

Every element of nature is beautiful in its own way but we categorize them according to our likes and dislikes. These tiny little flowers grow as garden weeds and yes, they are the unwanted elements. Even though they are never taken care of or nurtured,they still manage to grow anywhere and everywhere keeping their beauty intact. Shameless beauties isn't it?

I clicked them long back and me not being a very good photographer, managed to have a decent click.


  1. This is my favorite, Yasha.
    The simplicity of the subject matter and your commentary on why you perceive them to be beautiful.

  2. Thanks Debbie.This happens to be one of my favorites too and I am so glad you liked it.

  3. Hi, Yasha

    I got your mail and I really appreciate the way you express thoughts related to your painting process , however I think its natural to be in a mood for artist to make quality work.

    Thanks and regards



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