Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Fall

This is a submission for the recent challenge on Rookie Painter. These autumn leaves were such fun to paint.Each leaf was something new to learn.Though the backgrond of the original photo was white,I started with a very light pink as background but couldn't get the effect of light as desired so went with different hues of violet. Looking at the background of the original photo, gave me a sense of a white background with a few shadows,but when started painting it, got to notice all the details on it. I am happy with the way the painting turned out though had to struggle with the background and the leaf thats curled up.


  1. Hey.. awesome paintings...

    very inspiring...

  2. Thanks Jayanth..I appreciate your comments..

  3. Wow!!! Just wow!!!

  4. Thanks for visiting my work and your feed back!
    I am first time here and loved what I saw Yasha!

    This is so beautiful, the way the leaves have curled up is authentic, I can almost feel the dryness in them and touch them! Nice shadow work as well!

  5. Thanks Padmaja.Thanks for visiting and your comments are always appreciated.


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