Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hand Pulled

These typical hand pulled rickshaws seen in the city of Kolkata are in a way essence of  the city.Taking a ride on it has its own charm.As a child was always excited to take a ride and to be honest I still enjoy it.Unfortunately,I don't get to visit  Kolkata too often and as per my knowledge, these rickshaws are found only in some part of the city.With so many means of transportation in the city,these rickshaws somehow managed to survive. But I really pity the guy pulling the rickshaw.
This is again a submission for the blog The Green Palette and the recent challenge was  Green Transportation.
I tried using watercolors again for this one and honestly feel there is a need to work hard on watercolor techniques.I have a feeling that the painting looks a bit lonely.May be the rickshaw puller is missing but an honest confession, I am terrible with figures so thought better to avoid than to ruin.


  1. I love the cool colors you used for this. It is really neat and the shadows are wonderful.

  2. Wow!!! You are just awesome. I could never paint without blotching up the entire page :-) and then giving up midway :-)

  3. Thanks Angela and Pallavi,I am glad you liked it...

  4. Cool... good work. I would like to see here some pencil sketches also :)

  5. Thanks Vishal.Will definitely have some pencil sketches posted.


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