Saturday, November 13, 2010


A better clicked photo makes so much difference to the overall look of the painting.The previous one(below) really had a dull and a faded look.So,clicked it again this morning and here is a better version.

Held a brush after a gap of nearly ten days and felt like haven't painted for a very long time.Last week I was all busy as I had been to my parents place for celebrating Diwali together.Had a gala time with my family but did miss my paint and brush and thought I should have carried it with me.So,Diwali celebrations over and I am back with my brushes.:)
This work is a submission for the blog Paint and Draw Together.When I first looked at the reference picture I was of the opinion that this is going to be tough(well, I have such feeling before the start of each painting).The seeds looked complicated to me as all were closely packed but still, you could make out each one individually.But,while painting I realized that getting the correct texture of the skin was much more challenging than painting the seeds.This time I am satisfied with this piece but the photo I clicked doesn't show the actual colors of the painting so definitely a second click required(need to improve my photography skills too):-)


  1. Hello Yasha, Missed your painting. Hope you had a good diwali.

    you said you were not sure about getting the 'sseds' right!!! but hey they look so close to natural. very well done. Skin also looks great. Excellent. Keep it up.

    I know it may not have been easy to paint this but very very well done.

  2. Do you have a program that can adjust the tone and color? You can set the values and colors back to what your painting really looks like with it. Often it's not the camera or your skills. In any event, I like your painting - you made it look so real.

  3. @AH Even I missed painting and yes had a good Diwali celebrations.Though this piece looked complicated but it wasn't painful doing it.I enjoyed working on it.

    @Jean Thanks for the tips on getting a good photograph clicked Jean.I haven't explored my camera too much but now I feel the need for it.Thanks for appreciating my work.

  4. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I appreciate your kind words.

    Your pomegranate painting is beautiful. I agree that the photo looks complicated, but you have done an excellent job on it. Very nice!

  5. This is brilliant Yasha1 The outer skin look hard, the little light spots on the seeds emphasize the juicy part of them..the fallen seeds add a nice dimension to the composition.

  6. Thanks Virginia and Padmaja your comments are always appreciated.

  7. Wow, what a difference a photo can make! You did right taking another shot of your painting. The individual kernels of the fruit look defined and well constructed. I really like the texture of the skin of the fruit. You have a great style with watercolors. I admire that!

  8. The details you have captured in this painting & that too so nicely. It's amazing!!

  9. @Pula thank you so much for appreciating my work.
    @Sunny thanks for visiting and leaving your comments.
    @DD Thank you so much I appreciate your comments.

  10. Hi,Yash !!
    nice work,impressive,

  11. Very nice! I like how you peeled it, I never thought of that. I also like that you added a few stray seeds. The skin and seeds are perfect!


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