Friday, December 3, 2010

One and a half

Its sometimes difficult to get back to painting even though you desperately want to.Couldn't manage to paint anything for last few days but I am happy to be with brush and paint again and hope I paint something every day.
This work goes as a submission to PADT.Painting a rose again, was fun.The angular shape of the petals made it more interesting to work upon.I am extremely delighted that even though I was away from  painting world for a while,it turned out be one among my quick works.


  1. This came out gorgeous. You have a natural talent when painting flowers. Love your background as well. Glad you are back with paint and brush in hand. Sometimes a break is needed to absorb what we see and be re-inspired.

  2. Great work yasha.
    Leaves & droplets are looking really cool.
    Thanks for sharing...

  3. Hi Yasha: I assumed you must have been busy as I did not see any paintings from you for the last few days. Good to see you back with a nice painting. The flower and the leaves are great. the bud could have been slightly better i think ( oo..dont think I am being a critic here.....i cant paint anything close to i competely admire your paintings). Considering this was a quicky, you have done a good job. I Look forward to seeing more paintings.

  4. Beautiful composition. In this painting you have nicely captured the dew drops & shadows. Congrats!!

  5. @Thank you Nancie and I agree that taking a break does help you to start with more enthusiasm.

    @Amit thanks for your valuable feed back.

    @AH Thanks for your feedback and please feel free to critique my work it only helps me in a better way.:)

    @DD Thanks for your comments its always appreciated

    @Jayanth thank you so much:)

  6. Wow. The leaves. I'm amazed how realistic they are! Such talent....Good for you!

  7. This is wonderful Yasha, the leaves came out so realistic one can touch them including the water drops, nice job.

  8. The leaves and water drops on them look so very cool and the light on the rose just glows , Yasha, wow!

  9. @Paula thanks for such kind words.
    @Horst thank you so much I appreciate your feedback
    @Padmaja Thanks so much and good to know you liked it.

  10. Wonderful rose, Yasha. Better than the photo.


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