Friday, July 15, 2011


I had been away from the blogosphere for more than a month now.Its not that I chose to do so,but so were the circumstances.Visited my parents last months and which was supposed to be ten days stay,got extended due to several reasons.Firstly,my Mom fell sick and then it was my turn and I was down with malaria.The medications leave you really weak.But the main reason would be my father meeting with an accident.He suffered a major injury on his forehead but fortunately,it wasn't an internal one.Its really hard to see your parents in pain.So,I made sure he was absolutely fine before leaving the place.

Well,even I am feeling better now and hope to get back on track as soon as possible.Painted this quick pastel piece and it felt so good to be painting again.Missed out on all posts of my fellow bloggers so need to update myself quickly.:-)


  1. So glad to see you back & painting. Such an experience you have gone through. I am glad that you & your family are well now. Your painting skills are still terrific, and your choice of subject after all that has happened, very much explains how the events must have felt. Welcome back, you were missed!

  2. Oh my Yasha, so sorry to hear of all the illness and accidents that have befallen you and your family. Glad though to hear things are looking up. I will keep good thoughts and prayers for continued recovery.

  3. I hope your parents and you are in good health now. :)
    Nice painting.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Oh Yasha! It sounds like you've had a really hard time.I hope your parents are well now and you are fully recovered.Sometimes it is the way,bad luck runs in three's.God willing things are back to normal and will remain so.
    Well done!This pastel is upto your usual lovely style and always a pleasure to look at.

  5. Yasha, your painting is so nice! LOL, I kinda feel like that old boat.... but things are getting better. I finally did a painting 2 nights ago but got bitten up, as it was toward evening and I forgot my bug spray. At least I did get paint on canvas!

    Sorry to hear about your circumstances but glad everyone is on the mend.


  6. What a difficult time you have had! I'm so happy that you and your family are feeling better now. Your pastel painting is beautiful! I've certainly missed your posts these past weeks. Take care, my friend. :o)

  7. You sure went through a hard time! I hope everyone is fine now.
    Glad to read you are back on a creative mode, and "quickly" created a beautiful piece. :)
    Take care.

  8. Yasha, so happy that you and your family are again well and that you are painting again. I am always amazed at your work. Pastels always look so beautiful when you use them - the colors are so soft and yet rich. I really like this painting.

  9. Yasha, So sorry to hear of all your troubles. Glad you are feeling well again and your parents also. Enjoy being back to painting and keep up the lovely work. Best wishes,

    vikki bouffard

  10. Thank you so much friends for all your wishes and encouragement.It really means a lot!


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