Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hello friends! Finally I am back and posting on my blog.First of all,I would like to thank all my fellow blogger friends for all your kind wishes and prayers.It was overwhelming and it did mean a lot to me.Thanks once again.
This work here is done in soft pastels.Never used them earlier but,after using oil pastels,I thought of trying my hands on soft pastels too.I admire soft pastel works of some artists.Initially was a struggle but some how managed it at the end.I hope to be more regular with my art from now onwards.It does take off your stress and helps you relax.


  1. Hey Yasha!! Its so good to see you posting and continuing with your art! Her skin tones are exquisite and the folds of her shawl are wonderful too with the lovely rich colours.Art therapy really is the best!

  2. Hello Yasha,
    it's good to see you posting again and to hear that you are committed to produce more art.
    Art can truly get your mind off of stress and worries, in fact it is used as therapy all over the world.
    Your art is so beautiful, and you are so talented, I was afraid you were going to stop for a while.
    Great work with the soft pastels! I'm always amazed by how you can switch between mediums and be always successful!
    Warmest regards,

  3. This is lovely, Yasha. You handled the soft pastels like a pro! :o)

    So happy that your are creating new works again and sharing them with us here. I wish you all the best, my friend! :o)

  4. Lovely pastel portrait, Yasha and glad to see you back to painting. Missed you!

  5. Lovely portrait, Yasha! Love that glow across her face, beautiful color choices.

  6. Hey yasha, a post from you after a long time! Lovely work! keep it coming! love the 'bronze-ish' skin tone!

  7. Good to see you back Yasha, you did a great job on her hair, skin tones and the folds of the shawl.Cant say this is a first time job!

  8. So glad you are painting again, Yasha. A very expressive portrait, beautiful job!

  9. This is lovely. Sorry to hear of your recent lost. Blessings to you.


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