Saturday, October 30, 2010

Visit to Albert Hall,Jaipur

This is again a painting done form the photos I clicked while on my trip to Rajasthan.This was our visit to one of the oldest museums of Rajasthan,The Albert Hall.We got to know that it was built in the year 1876 and exhibits some rare collections of ancient stuffs.  As a student, history was one subject that I was never too fond of.I usually had hard time remembering the dates and years.But  visiting these palaces and forts, was altogether a different experience.
I had been avoiding painting any figures for quite sometime,but this was a deliberate attempt.The photo was clicked by me and has my Mom and two cousins .None of them were posing for the camera and this is the main reason why I chose this photo to paint (to avoid any risk of non resemblance):-).I did not want to hear "This is not me" from any of them, so played safe.


  1. The light and shade washes have come out really well and the people caught off guard makes it an interesting composition Yasha.. cute safe way you played here!

  2. Thanks Padmaja.I appreciate your fedback:)


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