Wednesday, October 27, 2010

San Miguel de Allende

This was done for the challenge on Virtual Paintout and the location for the challenge was San Miguel de Allende,Mexico.I took a lot of time in selecting a location and finally settled for this one.
I admit that I enjoy doing watercolors but never satisfied with the outcome.Same goes with this one.Though I liked doing this piece but again not happy with it completely.The parked car was not the same in the original,it was something in green and a different kind and did not interest me so,thought of making little changes to it and very soon realized changes are not good at times.:( I am good at one thing and thats "ruining the shadows"  for each watercolor I attempt.:)


  1. Wow! Were you actually in San Miguel? I love this place...

  2. Beautiful location & you have captured it nicely especially all the details.

  3. @Thanks AH for such encouragement:)

    @Aline,I haven't visited the place but its a challenge on the blog where a google map link is provided and one is asked to roam around the place and look for a suitable location to paint.Its fun.

    @ Maun Vision Thanks for your comments I really appreciate.

    @DD I am glad that such comments are coming from a watercolorist like you.:)

  4. Good Work. Nice Perspective. Keep it up yasha.....

  5. The perspective you chose to paint is quite a tough one Yasha, it is some what from a top angle and it is tricky! But you have attempted at it really well!

  6. Thanks Amit and Padmaja.Initially I did struggle to get the perspective right but finally did achieve it and was pretty relieved.:)


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