Friday, October 22, 2010

A Get Together

At the start of this painting I never knew that this would be the one where I would almost lose my patience.Yes,I did.There were so many pumpkins to paint and after just the first two I went.zzzz.Usually I do finish my paintings in one sitting but this was an exception in every possible way.Could never think of completing it in one go.These pumpkins kept haunting me in my dreams even.Unlike my other works which I always have fun doing,this was really a pain.I wasn't worried about the outcome,was just happy to complete it.Phewwww..I showed a little mercy to the title of the painting.Initially thought to name it "Haunting".:)
This work goes as a submission to two challenge blogs calypso moon artist movement and TGP.


  1. well done for the patience and perseverance for completing the has come out nice...

  2. I think, your patience with this one has paid off, it is looking great! The skin of the pumpkins look very authentic and I do hope they stop haunting you anymore :-)

  3. @Thanks AH.
    @Padmaja thank you so much,and yes after the completion of this painting they stopped haunting me.:)

  4. Yasha, your piece is wonderful. I can see all of the beautiful subtle color variations and understand the time you put into this painting. I guess if you had to be haunted by something, pumpkins might not be so bad. I can't say for sure though as I have not yet been haunted by them. Thank you for joining the challenge : )
    Don't forget that you get to GUESS twice for the giveaway.


  5. Your pumpkins are so complete it would be impossible to tell you were mad about them! They are very realistic, well spaced, and best of all, not all uniform. Very nice!

  6. Thanks Alice and I agree,when it comes to haunting, better get haunted by pumpkins:)

    Thanks Paula I really appreciate your feedback.

  7. Your lovely painting of pumpkins does not show the frustration you went through at the subtle values you created in this piece.

    Thank you for sharing a link to The Green Palette!

  8. Carol thanks for visiting and leaving your valuable comments.I really appreciate.

  9. you have a beautiful blog yasha,
    this get together is supeerb and thanks for ur nice comment in my blog.


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