Friday, December 31, 2010

On the streets of Ireland

Heres my second attempt at oil and my second submission for this month's challenge at Virtual Paintout.I was just about to miss the deadline but then managed it somehow.
Attempted this piece with a little more patience than the previous one as had so many details to work upon and this is what I hate about myself.I tend to capture too many details and I really want to overcome this habit of mine.Should I make this a new year resolution?:-p
Wishing every one a very Happy New Year 2011.Enjoy.


  1. Nice perspective, Good attempt.
    Wish you a Happy New Year.....

  2. Sooooooooo gud yasha. Keep it up this spirit. :)

  3. You have nicely captured the depth in this painting. This year we have been looking forward to enjoy more paintings from you.

    Wish you a wonderful & prospective New Year!!

  4. Awesome painting. Don't know what patience might do to you, but its worth a try.

    What season is it?

    Happy New Year.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. I can relate to the tendency to over detail things. I feel I do the same in my work. Thanks for turning me onto the Virtual Paintout Blog. I am anxious to give that a try...just trying to figure out how to work Google Street Map is a bit challenging.

  6. Happy New Year Yasha! Love the blues in your painting - compensates for soooo much green. Nice composition too. What detail to leave in or take out is a hard determination for all artists. Happy painting in 2011.

  7. @Amit Thank you so much for the appreciation.
    @Vishal Thanks for your comment.:)
    @D.D Thanks and I hope I paint this year more than I did the previous year.
    @Anshul Thanks I am glad you liked it.
    @Julie You should definitely give virtual paintout a try.Its worth it.
    @Jean Thanks I am glad you liked it.

  8. Very nice, Yasha. I love your use of warm and cool colors. Happy New year!!

  9. Happy New Year Yasha! I love the perspective you did on this, really pulls me into the painting. I could walk down that road. I understand your love of details - my addiction to them is what drove me into my "shapes" paintings. It gets me away from the details - well not completely, but now I can pick & choose which ones to put in.

  10. Second oil painting?! Wow. You're off to a great start. I think all painters struggle with the details. Squint and look for the big shapes... I remind myself all the time. Nice work!


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