Friday, December 10, 2010

Rest For a While

This goes as a submission to Virtual paintout.The recent location chosen was County Clare,Ireland.Such a beautiful country it is(reminded me of the movie P.S.I love you).The greenery is mesmerizing,lovely cottages and I could spot so many locations that I wanted to paint.But this tractor won the race this time.But definitely I would love to paint some other locations too for this month's submission, as an artist is allowed maximum of three submissions.


  1. Lovely Painting yasha.
    Your work is improving day by day. Keep it up.

  2. Wonderful, Yasha....vehicles are not easy to do.

  3. This painting is really amazing!! You have captured all the details of this painting very brilliantly.

  4. It's a good representation of Ireland, Yasha, bravo!

  5. @Amit I am so delighted to know that you see improvement in my work.Thank you so much.
    @Carol Yes,I agree it wasn't easy but it was all fun.Thanks for your comment.
    @D.D. Thank you so much I am glad you liked it.
    @Sylviane Thanks you and I really loved painting this.

  6. Yasha, that tractor is a hard one and you intelligently made it a cohesive part of the landscape.. nice!

  7. I echo what most of them have said already - difficult painting yet you have done complete justcie to the painting...very nice painting yet again. Reminds me of one of Yash Chopra movie locations. Well done.

  8. Vivid and lively colours, as I was going through this blog, I was getting a tingling feeling, don't know if its the cold, or the colors.
    Nice painting, and the best part? No professional training.
    Beautiful work.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. @Padmaja thanks a lot for the appreciation.
    @AH While painting I did think of Yash Chopra's movie locations:)
    @BA Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable comments.I appreciate.


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