Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strike a pose

Painting animals has never been my forte.As far as I remember, I last painted a Puppy that was a challenge at Paint and Draw Together.It looked more like a Bear than a puppy and thats the reason I titled it as Puppy,to clear any sort of confusion.I also posted it on my Facebook and  one of my  friend commented "What is that?"(Ahhh)
I remember when I was a kid,we were asked to draw a cow for our drawing test.I did, and titled it "A COW".Our parents used to have a meeting with our class teachers when the results were declared, and all our answer sheets were shown to our parents.When my Mom got to see my drawing sheet and a D grade on it,she gave me a cold look and then commented my teacher 'Yasha,just because it has a tail and horn and you titled it A Cow,I scored you a "D"'.Even though I was a kid I felt so humiliated not just because my teacher made such comment but also because parents of other kids sitting beside laughed at her comment.:( My drawing skills definitely got  little improved but I am still not very confident when it comes to animals.

When I saw that the recent challenge on TGP was Wilderness,I thought why not give it a try.So,I came up with this piece which is painted in oil.These are actually Mule Deers.Do they look like one or just because it has that typical horn you are forced to believe so?;)


  1. Good work Yasha. Very bold strokes. Keep it up.

  2. Yasha, your deer are magnificent. Keep moving forward and forget those bad experiences. Art is not the same for everyone. I'll tell you a little story - a teacher told her class one day to draw a hot dog. Every one in the class drew a picuture of a hot dog in a bun except for one boy who drew a picture of a dog drinking water. The teacher was so angry. She called in his parents and the principle and a psychologist. She told them this child had serious mental problems. The parents told him how proud they were of his creativity and thinking outside of the box. He heard the words "hot dog" and was the only one to use his imagination. This child grew up to be a fine architect, creating beautiful buildings all over the world and the others in his class were not so fortunate.
    So, put a horn on a goat and call it a unicorn if you like................paint on! :)

  3. Show your works to your teacher again, lets see what she says this time.
    Nice attempt at wildlife.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Splendid work. Like the colors of this painting & the brush strokes...it's brilliant.

  5. @Amit thank you.I tried being a little loose and am glad you liked my attempt.
    @Carol thank you so much and I agree art is never same for each one of us.
    @Anshul I wish I could:)Thanks for your encouraging words.

  6. Nice attempt Yasha.

    Your teacher was not right.

    Good you were not discouraged by her comment. Well done you on coming so far. Keep drawing/painting like this.

  7. Yasha, when I was in 6th grade, our teacher asked the class to paint a landscape. Everyone's landscape looked similar except mine. I had put the dark clouds near the horizon and the lighter sky at the top. To me, there was a storm coming and the horizon would be dark; to my teacher it was a failure and she came me an F because I didn't follow directions and make the sky the way she wanted it done! That comment stayed with me to this day. Remember to follow your own star and paint with your heart. Your deer are actually done quite well and it's great you take on the challenge of them. Deer in the wild are camoflaged just as you have painted them. Keep up the good work and don't listen to others. All the best to you! Linda

  8. Yasha it looks wonderful! Of course I can tell they are mule deer, those lovely dark muzzles and big ears give them away. You've done excellent work. And the story you told about your teacher makes me so angry! I would probably have socked her one. grrrrrrrr. You my friend are doing great and beautiful work. :)

  9. Thanks AH,Linda and Crystal your words of encouragement are highly appreciated.

  10. well, sure enough this time its not only bcoz of horn but it really look like what u tried to put on canvas "DEER"..... well done dear....:)


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