Saturday, April 9, 2011


Lee posted the photo of his pet Zoe on his website ADNW.Its a lovely click with wonderful lighting.The real challenge was dealing with subtle change in the values.I am not sure whether I could do justice to it,but was a good learning experience.Worked with charcoal pencil for the first time and found it little hard to capture the details.


  1. I saw the photo Yasha and I would'nt even attempt it!! I think you've done really well.Love the detail and the expression on Zoe's face is perfect.

  2. This is wonderful, Yasha! I love his sweet expression and the way you handled the fur, with the most detail being around his adorable face. I find charcoal a little more difficult to work with than graphite, but it is easier to get good photos of. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work.

    Best wishes,

  3. You got the details and even her personality. Great job Yasha!
    I'm planning on painting Zoe too, but I'm a little intimidated by the subtle changes in value of her white fur, so I haven't even started yet. nice work. :)

  4. You did beautifully,'s wonderful.

  5. Azra thank you so much but I think you must give it a try.:)

    Sherry I am so glad you liked it.All through the process I had your splendid sketches in my mind.You handle fur extremely well.For me its just a learning process.

    Robie thanks a lot and would love to see your version of Zoe.:)

    Carol thanks a lot.I am glad to know that you liked it.:)

  6. Your first time using charcoal pencil? You did an amazing job . . . wonderful value shifts, and such a sweet expression.

  7. Yasha, the light and shades look so complicated, yet rendered with an amazing accuracy..looks great!

  8. Wow Yasha! I would place this painting in the list of my favourite paintings by you. Really liked it.


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