Monday, April 4, 2011


Art,painting,creativity,all took a back seat last week because in India here,cricket fever was on and had reached its peak with India playing in the finals of the World Cup and then went all the way winning the cup.Yipee!!! I was glued to the television throughout this weekend and thats the reason my blog got ignored for quite sometime.
Well,things are back to normal now and so am I.So,here is a painting that was almost completed last week, but several reasons behind delay in posting,cricket being the first.The other reason would be I couldn't find a suitable title for this work and I am not very much in favor of posting a painting as untitled.Last and the very obvious reason would be having a terrible day with camera.Tried clicking in natural light and artificial light, but nothing seemed to work.:(


  1. Beautiful Yasha!! Love the sunflowers especially.The petals look so lively with great shading and colours.You can almost feel the texture of the pears as well.Very well done.

  2. Lovely and soft, Yasha. We all have trouble photographing our art, you are in good company, my friend.

  3. @Azra Thank you so much for your lovely comment.:)
    @Carol I appreciate your encouragement Carol:)

  4. Great to look at it Yasha..the texture of the pears is looking very real and the colors you have chosen for this composition is so very unique!

  5. But the sunflowers are still facing the light aren't they. :D

    Beautiful painting again Yasha!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. World cup and now IPL...i am spending a lot of time watching cricket and thats why i havent been able to visit your page lately. I am glad I visited today. Hope you are doing well.

    Coming to this pic, I like the flowers more than the fruits. Good job. You are soooooo talented Yasha. I really admire your talent.


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