Friday, April 29, 2011

An Off Day

Boats make such an amazing subject for painting and I so wanted to paint them.Unfortunately,these days I do not get much time to paint. Even a few days break from painting made me feel all rusty.The hot temperatures here made this watercolor piece even more difficult for me.The paper dried up so quick and I couldn't manage to get the desired result.I also ruined the paper at some places.:( I wish and hope to learn the art of time management too so that I get to paint more frequently.:) 


  1. My eyes cannot see the places where you messed up!
    The waters look good!

    Nice art again! ;)

    PS: How do you put up your paintings? I mean do you scan them or what?

  2. I can't see a thing wrong with it, Yasha....perhaps you are being too hard on yourself. I know I tend to be that way at times, too. :)

  3. This has such a peaceful quality about it . . . very nice!

  4. I agree with Carol and Enigma,there are'nt any faults,but I do see a beautifully painted scene,especially the light on the water.

  5. @Enigma Thank you for your lovely comment.I appreciate.
    I do not scan my paintings but photograph them in proper lighting.Sometimes it can really be troublesome though.:)

    @Carol I am glad you liked my effort.May be self critique is a way to improve myself.:)

    @Linda Thank you so much.

    @Maria Thank you.Its good to know that you liked it.

    @Azra Thank you.I tried my best to capture the mood of the atmosphere well.:)

  6. Hi, Yasha. This is a lovely scene, and beautifully painted. Makes me want to have a go at watercolors myself! :o)

    Take care, and happy painting,

  7. This is another lovely painting Yasha. The light is wonderful. Very nice work, even though it was a rough go.

  8. Beautiful painting Yasha! Cannot see a problem at all :)

  9. Hi Yasha, yes do paint more regularly. I like this pic. I cannot identify where it went wrong. Looks good to my eyes.

  10. It looks wonderful and a very nice painting of the boats and water.

  11. it is very lovely Tasha. You did a great job on it.

  12. Spoilt, where? I can't see ? All I see is the boats and the reflections in the waters, and the ripples.

    Nice work, and paint when you feel like, its your call totally.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. It is such a beautiful subject, handled so very beautifully Yasha, trying to be hard on oneself is nice in a way, it does bring out the best out you.

  14. Yasha, you may have had a different output in mind, but the result is Beautiful. I love the color balance and the water.
    I wonder what more could you have done with the "perfect" condition!

  15. yasha, I have been away too long. You have been doing some outstanding work! This piece is wonderful - love the reflections you did in the water. Great work!


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